Terms and Conditions/Confirmation Clause (T&C/CC)

I hereby confirm that by accessing this site, I agree to the Terms and Conditions governing the FXOnline Services as available in the https://fxonline.icicibank.com/Terms_and_conditions.pdf

Upon entering into this Trade, I confirm the following details with you:

(a) as on the date of the Transaction as well as on the date of maturity/ termination of this Transaction, I will have a genuine underlying transaction/ exposure ("underlying") in relation to which the Transaction has been entered into;

(b) the Transaction is and will be for a purpose permitted by the Reserve Bank of India ("RBI"), from time to time;

(c) in entering into the Transaction and performing your obligations thereunder, I am and will be in full compliance with all applicable regulations issued by the RBI or other statutory/ market regulatory bodies, as may be applicable;

(d) I will do all acts and furnish to the Bank all necessary documents in order to ensure my compliance with all applicable regulations;

(e) Till the Transaction is alive with ICICI Bank, the underlying notional amount hedged with ICICI Bank has not been and will not be covered by me with any other Authorised Dealer;

(f) the notional principal amount of the Transaction does not and will not exceed the outstanding amount and the unexpired maturity of the underlying;

(g) if the underlying pertains to balances held in EEFC accounts; the Transaction will not be cancelled by me;

(h) if the underlying is a foreign currency loan or bond, the loan identification number has been issued by the RBI and all requisite approvals have been taken including approvals from RBI, if required;

(i) if the Transaction does not have a specific underlying and is being booked on past performance basis, booking of the Transaction does not and will not result in breach of my aggregate past performance limits and if the notional principal amount of the Transaction together with the notional principal amount of other transactions booked by me with the Bank as well with any other Authorized Dealer exceeds 75% of my eligible past performance limit as determined by the Bank in accordance with the stipulations of the RBI from time to time, the Transaction will be on a deliverable basis and will not be cancelled wherever booked under past performance;

(j) the Bank is entitled to reverse/ cancel the Transaction prior to its maturity (at my cost and expense and debit the same from any of my accounts maintained with the Bank/ hold back profits if any.), if any of my declarations or undertakings are found to be untrue or are violated or if I fail to act upon the Transaction within its validity.;

This Confirmation constitutes a Confirmation as referred to in and forms a part of the Forward Contracts - Terms and Conditions/ Forward Contracts Agreement/ ISDA Agreement, as amended and supplemented from time to time (together with the schedule(s) thereto, if any), ("Agreement"), between the Bank and You. This Confirmation is deemed to Supplement, form a part of and shall be subject to the Agreement

I accept the above I do not accept the above
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